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Important quality control
* The base seat and upright column covering are made of highquality 304 stainless steel.
* Imported LINAK motor,various actions are controlled by remote controller.
* The main bed and auxiliary bed are connected with each other, auxiliary table is easy for rotating and dismantling
* Foot treadle brake device which is easy for moving obstetric table.
* Equipped with stainless steel sewage basin and other various accessories
* The mattress adopts high density memory sponge and is once formed,with no seam.
* Double using leg support , can be used as boatstretcher
* 5 functions electric
* USFDA,EN60601 approval

Technical parameters
Length 2000±50
Width 600±10
Height of table top (650 ~900 )±50
Height adjustment range 250mm
Back plate 50°
Leg board outwards 90°
Trendelenburg/rev-trend 10°/12°
Working area 600*600
Main voltage AC 220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
Input power 150±10%
Patient weight capacity 185kg

Technical configuration
Pull handle 2pcs
Armrest 2pcs
Knee curtch 2pcs
Pedal remote controller 1pc
Stainless steel basin 1pc
Bed frame 1pc​​​​​​​
Mattress 1pc​​​​​​​
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