Suction apparatus

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Important quality control
* All - plastic ABS enclosure that is formed in one piece is adopted
* This device is equipped with a imported membrane pump available with long service life
* This device has low noise and is maintenance - free
* This device is equipped with an overflow protection unit to prevent liquid from getting into pump body
* It's equipped with the hand-operated switch and footstep - operated switch
* Pump structure: Diaphragm type
* Working type: intermittent loading, continuous operation

Technical parameters
Power voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz
Negative pressure ≥0.09MPa(680mmHg)
Suction rate ≥20L/min(35L pump suitable)
Range of negative pressure 0.013MPa~0.09Mpa(680mmHg)
Suction bottle 2500ml x 2
Noise ≤55dB
Input power 400VA
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