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Saikang Medical (Jiangsu Saikang Medical Equipment Co. Ltd., Stock Code 870098) is a benchmark company and brand in the manufacture and supply of medical equipment and furniture, thanks to a great development driven since its creation in 2002. We have a specialized human team of more than 400 employees and 30,000 m² facilities equipped with the latest technology, as well as 2,000 m² of showrooms where we can see and test all our equipment.Our main axis is constant innovation; we work on the continuous development and implementation of new standards for product quality and the efficiency of our service. As a result, we accumulate more than 130 registered technological patents and fulfill more than 20 quality certifications (ISO-9001/13485/14001/18001, European CE, FDA of the USA, Russian Federal Register, ANVISA of Brazil, etc.), in addition to the 93/42/EEC and IEC 60601 safety standards. In all of this our R&D department is key, in which we invest 10% of our profits annually.Our production and comprehensive service model allow us to meet the objectives of our work philosophy: offer an optimal experience for our clients/users and contribute to the improvement and modernization of the global healthcare system. Having served more than 1,000 medical entities and reaching more than 149 countries, we continue to work effectively and enthusiastically, from each department and each of our workers.

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An intense and ascending path

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    Saikang Medical was founded.

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    Earned the first opt of gold, from a domestic order, and get a good start for a long term development.

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    Expanded and relocated, production capacity was tripled, ISO, CE approval.

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    Cooperated with ALIBABA, becoming one of the first Chinese gold suppliers.

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    Buit "Pre-Treatment Workshop" to make production process more perfect and prwfessional.

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    Donated 5000 tentsto the area of Wenchun Earthquake.

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    Single order amount broke through 5 million. Annual output value kept growing 100% per year.

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    Set up Export Department.

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    Relocation & Re-expansion.

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    More than 90 countries and regions enjoy Saikang products and service..

    Successfully list to stockmarket

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    Upgrade to cutting-edge innovative products; dedicated to be platform that provides complementary advantages, that shares resources, that cultivates talents.

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    All our employees will move to a new comfortable office area in the new office building. A new showroom is also being renovated and built on the same floor. This makes for efficient business meetings and convenient product presentations.