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Important quality control
* Mainly composed of aluminum · steel · ABS engineering plastic structure; plastic steel four-column has high load-bearing strength
* ABS bottom injection molding process, concave design can prevent items from sliding, the table is equipped with 304 stainless steel guardrail, the table is equipped with transparent soft glass;
* 3 * 3 separators in the drawer, which can be separated freely.
* The drawer handle is dovetail type, sealed slot type to prevent liquid and dust from entering; the label area is designed according to ergonomic principles. The inner  mold of the handle is thickened and feels more solid;
* The left side of the car body is equipped with a debris box to facilitate the placement of debris
* There are two ABS dirt buckets with lids on the right side of the car body, different colors can distinguish different kinds of dirt
* Luxury universal plug-in mute wheels, two of which have a brake function, the caster material is high-strength polyurethane. Anti-static, anti-hair entanglement, mobile and flexible;
* The Holder of the drawer is swallow tail design, outside with notice card slot, easy to access

Technical parameters
Size (LxWxH) 625×475×930 mm

Technical configuration
Dust baskets 1pc
Utility container 1pc
Central lock 1set
Trash can 2pcs
Castor 4pcs
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