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Important quality control
* The car body is mainly composed of plastic, aluminium and steel structure the plastic-steel double-column bears the load and the box is made of cold steel;
* Upper part: ABS double-layer bottom injection moulding process shaping two-sided armrestsrest flying swallow countertop. The concave design can prevent items from sliding. The countertop is equipped with 304 stainless steel guardrail with detachable and adjustable partition, and the countertop is equipped with transparent soft glass.
* Front: three drawers, integrated ABS engineering material, 3 x 3 partition in drawer; triple fold silent guide rail;
* On the left side: two partitions are placed in the cartridge, and the net basket is placed in the cartridge.
* On the right side: two sharp instrument boxes and two color-separated pedal garbage cans are placed in the basket.
* Back: Accessories
* Bottom: Four corners collision-proof, with luxury mute Castors, two of which have braking function

Technical parameters
Size (LxWxH)
780×475×1000 mm

Technical configuration
File Box
Plastic Basket
Trash Can
Sharps Boxes
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