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Important quality control
* Base: ABS plastic shell, high-strength metal frame
* Function: Foot pedal control height adjustment
* Castors: 4"Double side secure® castors
* Optional: Portable plug-in high-performance lithium battery

Technical Parameters
Cart body height 1145mm—1395mm
Height of Tabletop 780mm-1030mm
Worksurface height 750mm-1150mm
Durable ABS plastic tabletop, size 490mm(L) x 460mm(W)
display rack hi-low range 130mm , rack can be tilted 20 °
Monitor bracket size 386mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 64.5mm(H)
LCD column dimesion 386mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 64.5mm(H)
Applied for LCD display 22 inch, load ≤12Kg
worksurface height 750mm-1100mm
Height of table leg ≤15Kg
ABS worksurface dimension 533mm(L)×455mm(W)
keyboard tray dimension 465mm(L) x 234mm(W)
Mouse tray dimension 208mm(L)×200mm(W)
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