Dialysis chair

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Important quality control
* Environmental plastic can be sterilized in 100°C,tensile upto 30MPa.
* 2 Functions, backrest & legrest lifting.
* Back and leg can be adjustable, easy to choose chair position and bed position.
* 550mm ergonomics seat height.
* Upgraded armrest, can be right-left, front-back adjustable. Donor can control universal position.
* Optional genuine leather or supebric cover, with artisanal making, comfortable hand feeling.
* Ergonomics design removable pollow.
* Adjustable ABS tray table, with antiskid convex edge, tank for cup and cellphone. USB/5V optional.Very convenient for donors.

Technical parameters
Back 780×590mm
Seat 480×550mm
Leg (460-580)×420mm
Seat height 550mm
Pillow 370×230mm
Armrest 500×160mm
Mattress thickness 60mm
Back rest lifting -10° - 70°
Leg rest lifting -70° - 0°
Armrest swing out 0°-270°
Voltage and frequency 100-240 V · 50/60 Hz

Technical configuration
Hand controller 1pc
Power cord 1pc
3'' silent caster 1set
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