Electric operation table

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Important quality control
* The Table is suitable For thoracic and abdominal surgery, brain surgery, ENT, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, orthopedics and other surgical operations.
* The material is made of 304 stainless steel, The table top is made of high-strength synthetic board, which can transmit X-rays. The front and back translation of the table can reach 400mm. It can perform C-arm inspection on all parts of the patient during the operation without moving the patient.
* With table top 180°rotation function.
* With one-key reset, one-key flexion and re-flexion function.
* Equipped with a built-in emergency power supply, the emergency power supply can be automatically charged, and the emergency power supply can automatically jump to the working state when the network power supply is cut off.

Technical parameters
External size (LxWxH)                                      2125x550x(600-950)mm
Reverse trendelenburg 0-20°
Trendelenburg 0-15°
Lateral tilt left/right 0-15°
Head plate up/down 55°/90°
Back plate up/down 89°/35°
Leg plate up/down 15°/90°
Kidney bridge elevation 0-120mm
Horizontal sliding 0-320mm
Horizontal rotation 180°
Flex 95°
Reflex 220°

Technical configuration
Bed frame 1pc
Mattress 1set
Anesthesia screen frame 1pc
Shoulder holder with cushion 2pcs
Arm holder with cushion 2pcs
Leg support with cushion 2pcs
Foot support with cushion 2pcs
Hand controller 1pc
Kidney bridge handle 1pc
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