Bed side cabinet


SKS038 Intelligent folding ABS bedside table

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Product introduction
* Made of ABS medical grade plastic, antibacterial, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, never rust, washable and easy to clean.
* ABS medical grade plastic cabinet, precision mold forming, corrosion resistance, no rust, beautiful atmosphere, semi-circular arc design, towel rack and carrying handle on the side, easy to move. The side panels are designed with ventilation holes, which are breathable and hygienic.
* The table top adopts ABS injection molding technology, which is resistant to pressure and is not easy to deform. The surrounding arc anti-collision design is adopted, and the four sides are protruding and the middle is recessed, so that the objects can be placed securely to prevent the objects from slipping.
* The cabinet door is made of ABS medical grade material, all-plastic blow molding process, and the design of the upturned and inward push door effectively reduces the space occupied by itself. When the door is pushed and pulled, the mute effect is better, the process is delicate and smooth, and the service life can reach more than 100,000 times.
* The drawer panel is made of ABS medical-grade material, integrally formed, with mute slide rails, and can be pulled and pulled smoothly, which can be pushed and pulled for 100,000 times.
* Standard mechanical lock, high-quality stainless steel, safe and convenient.
* Portable and foldable design, adding PU handle, easy to pull and effortless, the bed can be easily folded and stored.
* The steel plate used for the bed frame is made of a combination of 1.2mm and 1.5mm, SPCC material, one-time stamping and bending, the connection gap of each part is not more than 1mm, and the bed frame can bear more than 300kg.
* The mattress is made of 5 cm thick stereotyped sponge and high-quality leather surface, which is antibacterial, waterproof, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell.

Technical parameters
Cabinet size L530mm*W640mm*H840mm
Bed size 1900mm*W550mm*
Drawer size 519mm*124mm
Cabinet load-bearing 30 kg
Bed load-bearing 300 kg
Overall size L670mm*W570mm*H870mm
Product Weight N.W. 33kg   G.W. 35kg

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