Bed side cabinet

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Product introduction
* Made of high-quality ABS engineering plastic: antibacterial, moisture-resistant, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, non-toxic, odorless, and rust-free. Washable and easy to clean.
* The spacious worktop allows for convenient storage, with three raised sides to prevent items from falling off. Worktop dimensions: 480*480MM.
* Hidden towel holder for towels and other items.
* Pull-out dining table, which is space-saving and convenient for dining.
* Pull-out design makes it easier to store items. Drawer size: 400*445*120mm. 
* High-strength, three-section, silent damping slides are used for smooth and quiet drawer operation.
* Large storage space, with water bottle holder inside to prevent it from tipping over.
* A shoe shelf at the bottom for convenient storage and replacement of patient shoes. Shoe shelf size: 410*470*150mm.
* 4pcs silent casters (5cm in diameter), two with brakes for easy mobility.

Technical parameters
Overall size 480L*480W*810H mm
Worktop size 480L*408W mm
Drawer interior size 350W*390H mm
Storage cabinet size 470*470*345MM
Cabinet door size L455*340H mm
Shoe shelf size 410*450*150MM   
Packaging dimensions 480L*480W*810H mm
Product weight 16.5kg
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