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Important quality control
* Can be easliy drop off when get on ambulance by pedals on both ends of the stretcher
* With 2 safety belts, make patient safer
* Side rail is foldable
* Flame retardant, yellow resistance, mildew resistance, bending resistance, 100,000 times wear resistance
* Flame retardant, 5 cm thickness, high-density foam, density 30 kg/m3
* Premium alluminium alloy structure, more stable, but light weight
* 5" silence caster. Advanced protection universal brake wheel, easy to move, simple to operate, reliable performance
* Collapsed height adjustable I.V pole

Technical parameters
Full size (LxWxH) 1900x550x920mm
Lowest size (LxWxH) 1900x550x260mm
Back-rest adjustment 0-70°
Net weight 36.8kg
Safe working load 159kg
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