Gynecological table

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Important quality control
* Seamless foam mattress, with waterproof PU cover. Easy cleaning and disinfection. 
* Dual control system.All movements are controlled by foot pedal controller or hand controller. 
* Electrical braking system.Controlled by hand controller. 
* Flexible arm plate adjustment.
* Battery could support about 80-120 complete operation cycles. Working time could be last for one week according to useage and help to keep the operating table running in the event of power failure.
* Auxiliary plate is easy for rotating and dismantling. Rotating angle: 90°.
* Pull handles can be folded to horizontal position. Easy patient mobilisation.
* All movements are electrical controlled: Back plate, seat plate, table elevation.

Technical parameters
External size (LxWxH) 1980 * 720 * 630 мм
Height adjustment range 630~880mm
Back plate up ≥55°
Back plate down ≥15° 
Seat plate up ≥35°
Seat plate down ≥3°
Leg board outwards ≥90°
Arm board outwards ≥90°
Load bearing ≤250kg
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