Gynecological table


A046-2 Gynecological Examination Table

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Important quality control
* High-quality stainless steel construction, with a thickness of 1.0 mm and strong load capacity (up to 150 kg). Bed leg size φ32*1.1mm; bed frame size 25*50*1.5mm; bed surface size 20*30*1.0mm. 
* Argon arc welding, neat and smooth seams. 
* Three sides equipped with detachable stainless steel guardrails, making it easy for patients to get on and off the bed. The guardrail height is 250mm±10mm.
* Backrest controlled by a gear rack, can be adjusted to raise at an angle of 0-63.5°±5°, facilitating patient sitting.
* U-shaped cutout for easy doctor access.
* Foldable sliding leg board has a knob limit design for effortless sliding and compact storage.
* Stable triangular base design facilitates adjusting the bed's horizontal tilt angles for various positions.
* Lever is made of steel, offering high support strength, durability, safety, and noiseless operation for smooth usage.
* Gear rack for backrest height adjustment, assisting pregnant women in sitting up and relieving pressure during childbirth.
* Manual hand lever for trendelenburg and reversed trendelenburg of the bed.

Technical parameters
Overall dimension(mm) 1830mm*625mm*800mm(with mattress)±10mm
Backrest lifting 0-63.5°±5°
Trendelenburg 0-18°±2°
Reversed Trendelenburg 0-18°±2°
Packaging dimensions 71*30*135cm
Gross weight 47kg
Net weight 45kg
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