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Important quality control
* Electric 8 functions perfect ICU use
* Cardiac chair position
* Auto-regression function for bed platform
* Touch screen control panel
* Manual CPR
* Electric CPR

Optional features(extra charge)
* Weighing system with LCD screen
* Data storage system
* Monkey pole

Technical parameters
External size (LxWxH) (2040-2240)x1020x(500-950)mm
Mattress platform (1820-2020)x820mm
Safe working load 250kg
Back-rest adjustment 0-75°(±10°)
Knee-rest adjustment 0-20°(±10°)
Reverse trendelenburg 0-18°
Trendelenburg 0-18°
Angle indicator 0-90°
Bed extension 200mm

Technical configuration
Linear motor 6pcs
6" double side secure®castors,central locking 4pcs
ABS side rail with integrated LCD control panel 1set
ABS bed ends one step removable 1set
Φ74mm wall bumper wheel 4pcs
IV pole 1set
IV pole prevision 4pcs
Drainage hook 2pcs
5th directional wheel pedal 2pcs
Central locking pedal 2pcs
X-ray translucent mattress platform 1set
Night light 1set
Date storage system 1set
Bed push handle for emergency transfer 1set
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