In hospital stretcher

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Important quality control
* Side-rail can be fixed horizontal level
* Fixable at horizontal level, where patient’s arm can be placed on for the administration of IV or other treatment.
* Technical configuration * Multi functions manual

Technical parameters
External size (LxW) 1880x620 mm
Table height adjustment 560-890 mm
Back plate adjustment 0-75°
Knee-rest adjustment 0-40°
Revrese trendelenburg 0-18°
Trendelenburg 0-18°

Technical configuration
Crank system 1set
Back plate air spring 1set
Plastic side guardrail 1set
8" castors with central locking system 4pcs
Directional wheel 1pc
Directional pedal 2pcs
IV pole previsions 4pcs
IV pole 1set
Oxygen bottle holder 1pc
Transfer mattress 1pc
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