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A New Branch of SAIKANG Medical-Chengdu Saikang Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd

  • 2021-09-08

In order to meet the expansion of business in southwest region of China, SAIKANG decides to establish a new company in Chengdu city, Sichuan povince. Now, the dream comes true. The new company will be put into operation normally in September. It is named Chengsu Saikang Medical Equipment Cooperation Limited.
SAIKANG has been specialized in hospital furniture since 2002. We keep ahead with the advantage of continuous innovation, correct marketing decisions and professional team work. We choose to establish a new branch in Chengdu city with a long-term view centered on delivering value rather than achieving short-term results. Firstly, more medical related resources are in the surrounding area. Secondly, large quantities of supporting products can help us realize the quick assembly of products. More importantly, Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan province, is a modern city. The high efficiency of business can be beneficial to our distribution.
Meanwhile, different business service and government policy in Chengdu from those in the headquarter, but they create more convenience for SAIKANG’s development. We can see complete set of supporting facilities around this industrial estate. For example, banks nearby help us save time in the process of documents’ exchanges.
Many colleges and universities in Sichuan provide excellent talents for us. Besides, it is believed that our warm working environment will attract them. After all, what will be more competitive than international team or relaxed environment?

Last but not least, the establishment of a new branch means that SAIKANG is entering a new historical stage. It is believed that we can respond to customers’ needs more quickly develop faster together with our clients. Please wait and see.


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