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One Spirit, One Team, One Win

  • 2021-09-13

Last week, Saikang's sales team carried out group building activities.

The partners gathered early and arrived at our activity site - explosive military base, which was divided into five groups for shooting, real CS, cross-country racing and kayaking. Every league building activity is a wonderful duel between wisdom and passion!

League building brings not only familiarity in life, but also tacit understanding of work, mutual familiarity of work ideas, and even a leap in achievements of 1 + 1 > 2. This league building demonstrated the power of teamwork, improved the cohesion of the team and enhanced the feelings among members.

It's a great pleasure to enjoy a delicious meal after an outdoor group building activity in the morning. We enjoy delicious food and share happiness. Of course, we can't lack the awarding link. The excellent teams and individuals in this league building activity have received exquisite gifts.

The League building activity was a complete success. The similarities between work, life and League building games can sum up experience and help grow. This group building activity of the company has narrowed the distance between colleagues, combined individuals into a closer whole, and built Saikang into a better team. In the future, we will meet the next work with a better face.


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