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An Exclusive Interview of Chengdu SAIKANG Medical: Focus on Medical Care for 20 Years and Build Beni

  • 2021-11-02

Chengdu SAIKANG Medical was founded in April 2021. It has been nearly half a year since Chengdu SAIKANG moved to Zhigu Industrial Zone, the west of Chengdu. Recently, Michael, company’s general manager, accepted an exclusive interview from Zhigu Industrial Zone. Michael Introduced company’s history, role position and corporate culture. Meanwhile, original intention and expectations of development in Chengdu were explained. What is wished is enough support from this industry, so it is good to improving company’s competitiveness and creating a better future.

Michael said that SAIKANG becomes a leading brand in the industry of medical care through the efforts of innovation, grasping the wind and teamwork. Company focuses on European and American brands, increases investment in research, has keen insight of present market, adjusts enterprises’ policies timely, strengthens team building and cultivates a number of employees who share the fate with the enterprises.

When it comes to SAIKANG’s new base for developing, Michael speaks highly of Chendu’s rapid development. Firstly, the permanent population has exceeded 20 million. Great populations have great potentials for development. Besides, Chengdu's high-speed railway and airports have established Chengdu as an international transportation hub. Thirdly, West China Hospital, the second largest hospital, is located in Chengdu. So there is no denying that medical resources are very wealthy. Last but not least, medical equipment resources are concentrated in Chengdu, and Wuhou district belongs to Chengdu.

Finally, Michael affirmed the all-round service and harmonious business environment felt by the company after it settle in Zhigu industry zone. And he expressed the best wishes that the company could seize the chance of the market. Meanwhile, we should attract more people with experience, professional background to join this team. Hope we can make contributions to great health causes in western China.



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