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SAIKANG Acted Quickly to Defend Shanghai against the Epidemic

  • 2022-04-19

In the Spring of 2022, the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai became the focus of the whole country. Suzhou, which is very closed to Shanghai, has taken urgent action to combat the epidemic. SAIKANG is a local high-tech enterprise providing hospital furniture and medical solutions for medical institutions. During the pandemic, the company has been active in donations of anti-epidemic materials and production of medical beds for the construction of makeshift hospitals. SAIKANG acted quickly in these two aspects.

In order to serve Shanghai and local anti-epidemic efforts, SAIKANG Medical undertook the production and installation of more than half of the hospital beds in these projects, including Suzhou makeshift hospital, Kunshan Makeshift hospital, Changzhou makeshift hospital, Yancheng makeshift hospital and other emergency construction projects. At 23:00 on the night of March 24th, SAIKANG Medical set up a special team of Suzhou makeshift hospital construction as soon as it received the order. The company’s general manager rushed to the product line and arranged the work for emergency supply of makeshift hospitals.   

All of us overcame the difficulties in tight time, large quantities and high quality. We cherished the precious time and manufactured beds without rests. The workers of the welding team work hard, despite the tiredness of them, they still persisted in their meticulous work. They know that this is not only a order, but also the responsibility for the fight of the pandemic. This seemly impossible task that more than 2000 sets of hospital beds are provided within 48 hours was done.

Fast delivery and high quality are the purposes of SAIKANG. The company has rich experience in production management. Efficient measures have been put into place, including epidemic prevention and control, work safety, quality control and precise delivery dates. The company follows the strict criteria in production procedures. The temporary hospital project demonstrates a rapid response to emergencies.

SAIKANG medical has always been adhering to the original mission of "racing against time to help life and health". And it keeps in mind the mission of “construction to the causes of human health”. During the pandemic, SAIKANG medical assists with the constructions of makeshift hospitals worldwide. Bedsides, SAIKANG donated anti-epidemic materials to foreign customers, and donated medical equipment at home. It continues to assist hospitals in epidemic prevention and hospital construction. In the fight of the pandemic, SAIKANG medical demonstrated the responsibility of private enterprises with practical actions and built anti-epidemic defense lines with SAIKANG quick responses.

There is always a time for resurrection. Only can the pandemic fade away, the spring is worth being expected. The beautiful SAIKANG without narcissism, and the great love without boundaries.


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