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Have you ever seen such an infusion room?

  • 2023-07-07

Look at these cute seats and cozy cushions. And guess where I am? You wouldn't believe that this is an infusion room!

Today, I would like to introduce the children's infusion room of SAIKANG showroom! It includes infusion chair, infusion stand and Nebulizer!

Here is the cold white wall, and now replaced by a wall with the funny, warm and friendly design, so that children are no longer afraid to go to the hospital, and can easily follow the doctor’s guidance and receive the therapy!

Walking into the children's infusion room, you will see rows of warm infusion seats! The arrangement of seats is very warm! The seats are in a blue and coffee color! The colors create a quiet and comfortable infusion environment for children!

In addition, the material of the seat is also great! The cushions are soft and wide, the backrest is made of anti-static and non-slip fabrics, and the interior is made of a high elastic sponge, so you won't get tired when sitting for a long time!

The partition is composed of several images of small love heart. It employs a rounded corner design so as to prevent children from being injured!

There is a small stool under the seat. In the process of the infusion, it is easy to take care of the child and parents can accompany children in a seat! In addition, you can also place personal belongings!

Next, let me introduce the children's infusion rack, which is made of 201 stainless steel. The steel has good load-bearing capacity and is not easy to rust.

Aluminum alloy knobs are in the middle of the infusion rack! The height can be adjusted!

Its base is equipped with ABS dust and liquid proof cover, which is convenient for later cleaning.

The wheels have anti-slip function. It is not easy to tip over the infusion rack during the moving process of infusion rack. 

In addition, the wheels and storage boxes of the infusion rack can be customized according to clients’ needs!

Finally, this is the intelligent atomization area! This area is full of children's fun.

The storage space is under the atomizing seat. We do not have to worry about the place to place books, toys and bags.

We can play music and cartoons on the screen. Children can do the treatment while watching cartoons or listening to children's songs!

Details can deliver the warmth. SAIKANG Medical will continue to focus the details. Race against time and healthier your life.


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