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How will the medical beds be intelligent? Check out these amazing new technologies!

  • 2023-07-21

As technology continues to develop, so does medical equipment. What are the new development trends of hospital beds in the future?

We boldly guess that the medical beds in the future will develop in the direction of digitalization, intelligence, personalization, environmental protection and multiful functions!

Firstly, intelligence is definitely one of the important directions for the development of medical equipment in the future. 

With the continuous development of science and technology, the medical beds will adopt more advanced systems to achieve automatic adjustment of angle, temperature, humidity and other functions!

Digitalization is also an inevitable trend of medical equipment.

It is understood that there are already many intelligent devices that can transmit data in real time through the network in many hospitals.

Secondly, the medical beds will also realize digital management, including monitoring and recording of patients' physical data, drug use and other information, and can automatically alarm reminders.

Thirdly, with the continuous development of the Internet, smart home use products are quickly entering everyone's daily life!

Under such a background, medical staff and patients' families can remotely view the status of each patient through mobile APP and grasp its treatment process in real time!

At the same time, the whole floor can be supervised, which greatly improves the work efficiency of medical staff!

Fourthly, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, more advanced medical equipment will appear in the future.

For example, in the future, it is very likely that we will see "robot nurses" with artificial intelligence functions and voice recognition functions appear around us.

Fifthly, everyone has their own special needs, therefore, in the future, personalized customization will become a trend.

For example, the bed can be customized according to the size of the patient's body shape and the needs of some patients who are allergic to certain materials!

With the increasingly serious global environment pollution, people are becoming more and more aware of environment protection.  

Therefore, in the process of designing and producing various medical device products, renewable materials can be used or natural materials can be used to make environmentally friendly products!

With the improvement of economic level, people's requirements for quality of life have become more comfortable and convenient.

Therefore, when designing the hospital bed, more elements can be integrated into it, such as increasing the massage function, music playback, video playback function, game function, etc., so that patients can enjoy better service during hospitalization!

In short, the hospital bed will become more intelligent, multi-functional, comfortable, environmentally friendly and integrated with other scientific and technological products. These trends are all aimed at better treatment and care for patients!

At present, Saikang has also invested in the research and development of smart hospital beds, our self-developed Z7Z hospital beds can be applied to other departments such as ICU, Saikang will continue to work hard to develop more and more new products!

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