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SAIKANG Employee Birthday Banquet

  • 2023-11-10

Rituals are essential to life, and a sense of belonging is crucial in the workplace. At Saikang, we understand the importance of caring for our employees. That's why every quarter, we go all out to prepare a warm and lively birthday party for each of our employees.
We believe that every moment is worth celebrating, and we want our birthday stars to have an unforgettable experience. That's why we carefully prepares birthday cakes, exquisite gifts, delicious snacks, and fruits for the birthday stars of the quarter. We pay attention to every detail, and we want our employees to feel loved and cared for. Our birthday parties also serve as an opportunity for our employees to take a break from their busy work and enjoy some quality time with each other.

Our birthday parties are always filled with music and applause. The host introduces the specific process of the celebration and sends birthday wishes to the stars of the day. But the most exciting part of the party is always the game section! We create a gentle, harmonious, relaxed, and fun atmosphere that envelops the venue. Through games like guessing songs and drawing games, we not only entertain our minds and bodies but also make our birthday parties more exciting.

We love capturing our employees' happy moments on camera. The birthday stars gather around the cake and blow out the candles together, sending their most sincere blessings to each other. When the familiar birthday song comes up, the candlelight reflects happy smiles, and the birthday stars sing together, blow out candles, make wishes, and cut the cake.

Our birthday parties are always full of sincere wishes, sweet cake food, interesting game interaction, and exquisite birthday gifts. We want every birthday star to leave with a happy and joyful smile on their face. These activities not only enhance our employees' recognition of Saikang's corporate culture but also create a harmonious communication atmosphere among our employees.

On this special day, we want to extend our most sincere wishes to the birthday stars of the third quarter and wish everyone a happy birthday!


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