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11.20 International Children's Day! SAIKANG’s customer case sharing-Chizhou Maternal and Child

  • 2023-11-20

Today, November 20th, is celebrated as International Children's Day. The day is observed to promote unity among children worldwide, increase their consciousness, and enhance their well-being.
In order to promote the healthy growth of children, SAIKANG Medical is dedicated to enhancing the medical environment for them.

On this occasion, we visited Chizhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, which was recently completed by SAIKANG Medical. Today, we will explore how SAIKANG Medical is able to design a medical setting that is both cozy and welcoming for children.
SAIKANG Medical prioritizes a people-centered approach when designing the maternal and child health hospital. We consider and develop the plan with a focus on children's needs and well-being.
SAIKANG Medical has completed comprehensive upgrades in several areas of their outpatient clinic. The designers have meticulously crafted a space that exudes a sense of joy, vibrancy, and warmth.

SAIKANG offers vibrant waiting chairs designed to provide a comfortable and safe space for children to relax and play.
The nurse's station incorporates playful animal elements, with the platform cleverly crafted in the shape of an elephant for added fun and whimsy.

Such a design can not only make children feel comfortable and relaxed, but also reduce their fear of seeing a doctor.
Coming to the infusion hall, the overall main color is fresh blue-green, paired with orange and other relaxed and bright colors, which visually makes the entire space lively.

The area no longer exudes a cold atmosphere; rather, it has transformed into a serene and inviting children's rest zone.

Accompanied by parents, children can play on the infusion chair while receiving infusion, which greatly reduces children's fear of seeing a doctor.
Entering the children's atomizing area, most children will be immediately attracted by such atomizing tables.

The charming table with a bear-shaped chair that releases a mist incorporates elements that children find delightful.
These thoughtful design choices greatly reduce children's psychological fear and help establish a connection between doctors and patients.
The meticulous attention to detail in the design of the pediatric clinic's tables and chairs is truly commendable.

A variety of color combinations are used to ensure the mental well-being of children, with a focus on macaron colors.
Additionally, prioritizing the safety of children during treatment, SAIKAKNG includes rounded corners on tables and chairs to prevent any potential harm from collisions.

International Children's Day makes each of us pay more attention to the care of children's growth. In the future, SAIKANG Medical will continue to be committed to building a better world for children!



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