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Case sharing - Shanghai Tongkang Hospital, Saikang creates a comfortable rehabilitation environment!

  • 2023-12-27

As an enterprise focusing on R&D and services in the field of medical care, SAIKANG MEDICAL has provided products and services to 1,230 domestic medical institutions and 37% of top-level hospitals.
Today, SaiSai brings everyone to Shanghai Tongkang Hospital. Let us take a look at the overall solution for VIP wards and the aging-friendly transformation plan created by SAIKANG.
SAIKANG MEDICAL has built a series of VIP wards for Shanghai Tongkang Hospital to provide patients with a safe and comfortable recovery environment.

The overall color of the ward is consistent with the inpatient department, using macaron blue, which is fresh and natural, making patients feel calmer and happier.
The ward is equipped with SAIKANG's electric hospital beds, matched with uniformly colored bedside tables, mobile dining tables, etc., providing convenient and comfortable conditions for the patients' recovery.

In the ward, there are independent toilets and bathing facilities. It is worth mentioning that various facilities have been specially adapted to suit the elderly.

For example, armrests are installed to facilitate the elderly in standing up and sitting down, and to prevent falls.
A one-touch call for help button is also installed on the wall so that patients can quickly seek help in the event of an emergency.
In addition, SAIKANG MEDICAL provided professional equipment to Shanghai Tongkang Hospital to help patients recover.

The floor is specially laid with non-slip flooring and handrails to assist with rehabilitation training.
Additionally, SAIKANG also provides walking equipment, wheelchairs, rehabilitation training equipment, and other devices.

These devices can help patients perform rehabilitation training, improve muscle strength and coordination, provide convenient movement and walking support, help patients recover, and provide strong support for patients' recovery.

Through the VIP ward and rehabilitation equipment services provided by SAIKANG MEDICAL to Shanghai Tongkang Hospital, patients can recover in a comfortable environment, improve the recovery effect, and return to health.

In the future, SAIKANG MEDICAL will continue to be committed to providing professional rehabilitation equipment and services to medical institutions to offer better support for patients' recovery.


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