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Saikang 's 22nd Anniversary: Gratitude for Your Support! Embracing a New Start !

  • 2024-04-26

Time flies, Saikang Medical's 22nd anniversary was coming! With high enthusiasm, we celebrated this special moment together on April 24, 2024.

The anniversary kicked off with an energetic dance, showcasing the vitality and unique style of the Saikang people. The lively performance filled the scene with passion.

In the past year, Saikang people have achieved excellent achievements in their positions. At the anniversary, we honored employees, both domestic and foreign, who made remarkable contributions to the company's development. They are the pride of Saikang and also serve as role models for us.

The performance of the anniversary was wonderful, and various departments brought songs, dances, melodramas, recitations, and other forms of programs, showing the talent and positive spirit of the Saikang people.

During the anniversary, we arranged different games to ensure that all participants could join in and enjoy themselves. The seamless teamwork and laughter during the games filled the scene with warmth and happiness.

One of the most anticipated moments of the anniversary was the lottery session, which filled everyone with excitement. When the fortunate winners joyfully claimed their grand prizes, the atmosphere became more lively.

At this special moment, we awarded the Best Newcomer of the Year, Advanced Individual, Excellent Management, and Outstanding Contribution. The awardees used their practical actions to interpret the responsibility and mission of the Saikang people. They are the most valuable wealth of Saikang.

At night, the Saikang Fireworks Show pushed the entire anniversary to a climax. The bright fireworks symbolize Saikang ‘s bright future!

In the new year, we are full of confidence. Saikang ‘s tomorrow will be even better because of the efforts of each of us. Let’s work together to create a bright future!
Finally, we wish Saikang a more brilliant tomorrow, and wish all Saikang people happiness and health!



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