Gynecological table

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Important quality control
* Simple structure, practical; Whole stainless steel material meets the needs of the surgical room
* This bed is designed for gynecological diagnosis, operation and parturition
* Custom mattress, easy clean,thickness of mattress: 6cm
* Flame retardant, yellow resistance, mildew resistance, bending resistance,100,000 times wear resistance
* 4 pcs anti-slip bed feet covers
* Bed frame: 20*40mm stainless steel rectangular tube
* 38*38mm stainless steel rectangular pipe
* 2 functions manual
* USFDA,EN60601 approval

Technical parameters
External size (LxWxH) 1820x500x800mm 
Back-restadjustment 0-55°(±10°)
Knee-restadjustment 0-85°(±10°) 

Technical configuration
Lithotomy rod 1set
Hand bar 1set
Anti-slip bed feet cover 4pcs
Mechanical lever 2pcs
Stainless steel basin 1pcs
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