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Subvert tradition! Saikang 's latest ICU smart bed Z7z is shockingly debuted!

  • 2024-03-29

In this era of rapid development of medical technology, hospital beds are no longer a simple rest tool, but an indispensable part of the medical system. Today, let us take a look at Saikang 's latest smart hospital bed Z7z.
Intelligent system


ICU smart bed Z7z is a multi-functional hospital bed that connects all monitoring equipment and realizes the integration and interconnection of intelligent systems.
With just one click, you can lift your back and legs.

The patented abdominal decompression function can effectively reduce the discomfort of the back and thighs of patients with reduced mobility, reduce the shear force and friction between the mattress, expand the space, provide a comfortable supine position, and prevent the occurrence of pressure sores.

Not only that,  ICU smart bed Z7z  also uses AI technology to remotely monitor the patient's condition in real-time.

Its weighing function can record the patient's weight changes at all times, providing strong support for the patient's health management!
Improve core strength


Saikang has also joined forces with brands such as Mindray and Comen to support the connection of monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, defibrillators, anesthetics, and other equipment, allowing real-time monitoring of patients' heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and other vitals physical signs.

 ICU smart bed Z7z can be directly connected to servers, ICU wards, doctor offices, nurse station smart signboards, and handheld mobile terminals, realizing multi-terminal data sharing.
Electronic bedside card


Say goodbye to the era of handwritten bedside cards. All our hospital beds are equipped with an electronic bedside information screen.

Using electronic bedside cards instead of handwritten bedside cards, patient information, managing doctor, nurse information and related medical orders can be automatically updated in real-time through the system. The accuracy of the information eliminates errors.

Through the electronic bedside screen, patients can also initiate audio calls with the nurse station. Also, family members can conduct remote visits with relatives through the transfer, which improves the quality of hospital services.
Electronic bedside screen


Saikang 's ICU smart bed Z7z enables ward information exchange and allows patient information to be viewed on one screen.

For nurses, the tedious and detailed work is reduced, which greatly improves the work efficiency of medical staff, and can truly realize 24-hour remote supervision of unmanned wards.
The future is here! ICU smart bed Z7z will lead medical technology into a new era!


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